Dear John Crandlemire,

I am writing to sincerely thank you for what has been one of the best experiences of our lives - building a home with John Gerard Homes.

I admit that my wife and I were skeptical about building a home at first. We had heard many horror stories from friends, family and others about people who had built new homes.

However, my father insisted that we at least look at the option of building a new home. Being a researcher by trade, I began researching the many builders around the Ottawa area. I was able to quickly narrow the search down to a few custom builders. From this 'short list', I began questioning previous clients of the builders. In the case of John Gerard Homes, I actually went door-to-door in a few areas asking people about their building experience. I was very impressed with the comments I received, to say the least.

So I called John Gerard Homes and spoke to you, John, and decided to take my father's advice and give it a shot. My father, a structural engineer who has built two houses himself, sent me to my first meeting with a list of questions for you. When I told my father the responses to all of the questions, he told me "this guy knows what he's doing."

My wife and I were getting excited at this point, but I was trying to remain cautious because we had no idea of what building a house with John Gerard Homes would cost yet. When we got the estimate on the house we had drawn up, I felt it was very reasonable, considering the materials that John Gerard uses, both inside and out of their homes, and especially considering today's market of housing in Ottawa. To my surprise, I truly felt (and still feel) that there Is no way we would have been able to buy a used home for the price we paid for our new home.

So we made the decision to build a home with John Gerard Homes. And this was the best decision we've ever made. We want you to know that we loved everything about building our home with you. I could write a full page of reasons we have for being happy with our decision. Among them, the quality of your homes is unparalleled with any other builder that I have researched. Your efficiency and ability to finish your homes on time is amazing, considering the delay that many others in the city have with their builders. Your 'custom home' approach is true, in that your clients are given the opportunity to make their home exactly what they want it to be (unlike many other custom builders). And perhaps the most important reason we are so happy that we built with John Gerard Homes is that you are such an extremely friendly and professional person to work with, as are your staff and crews. We really appreciated your sincere approach with your clients, John, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anybody that ever inquires about building a home in the Ottawa area.

While many people we know have had terrible experiences in the past year building homes with other builders, we would do it all over again In a heartbeat! ... and we may just do that some day.

Please feel free to give a copy of this letter to any prospective clients, Also, if any potential clients ever want to speak to one of your extremely satisfied clients from the past, whether it be regarding the quality of your homes the personalities of your staff, the efficiency of your work, or for any matter relating to the question "Would you do this again?", I would be very happy to speak to them. Please do not hesitate to pass along the names and numbers of anybody who has questions and would like to speak with somebody that has been through the entire process with John Gerard Homes.

Yours truly,

Alexander P. Stringer

Dear John & Gerry,

It has truly been a pleasure doing business with your firm. Your attention to detail and recommendations were commendable.

Being in the financial services industry for years and having many clients involved in new home construction, we had often been discouraged about having a new home constructed due to the headaches and continual shortfalls that seem to most often occur. We love our home!! Everyone who enters the house raves about the top quality, attention to detail and the warmth our home radiates.

It is truly understandable why you are consistent winners of the Ottawa Home Builders Association annual awards.

Again, thanks so much for the service you have provided, which offered such peace of mind for us knowing we could trust you for all the details. We will highly recommend your service to clients, friends and family. When you enter our home it is apparent why your slogan reads "Committed to Building Value."

Sincerely yours,

Donrey & Brett Hamilton